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$ 35 / per person

  • Vinicunca
  • 7 Colors Mountain
  • Rainbow Mountain
  • Vinicunca or Mountain 7 colors

Vinicunca or Rainbown Mountain

Important: To confirm your reservation, for Company policy We will only charge a percentage of the total price as initial payment. After the initial payment, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions.

The rest will be canceled when you are with us in Cusco.


Only day:

Daily departures 3:00 AM - 6:00 P.M.



  • Entrance to the mountain of colors.
  • Pick up from your hotel.
  • Private transportation Cusco-Quesiuno- Cusco.
  • Breakfast buffet.
  • Buffet lunch.
  • Canes.
  • Snack.
  • English and Spanish speaking guide.
  • First aid kit and oxygen ball.
  • Vegetarian options / special diet available.

Not include


  • Price of the ticket to access the mountain area (10 soles).
  • Horse.
  • Arriero and tips.
  • Dinner.
  • Tips for the carriers and guide.



  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Light clothing.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Blocker or sunscreen.
  • Caps for the sun.
  • A backpack.
  • Camera or video camera.
  • Waterproof in the rainy season (from October to March).





We call it "Rainbown Mountain” and sometimes "Mountain of seven colors" because the variety of names originates in the imagination of adventurous travelers but its original name is "Vinicunca", when admiring this chain of mountains that radiates indescribable emotion when visiting it.

The plateaus, streams, valleys, mountains and snows just complement the greatness of this, accompanied by animals such as camelidae, birds, sheep and of course the local people whose happiness is contagious no matter how strange the visitor is.

The trek has stretches with Medium to high degree of difficulty and you need to have good physical condition.

The residents of the community offer, every certain stretch, transfer service on horse for a cost from 20 to 60 soles.

Our trip starts at 3:00 am in the direction of the town of Hanchipacha (two hours and a half of trip) where we will enjoy a good breakfast buffet and welcome by the group of sikuris Yawar Wayna from Cusco and the music from the comunero Benito (former musician of the Pitumarca group).

We will continue our journey through beautiful valleys, small canyons and impressive pre-Inca terraces until we reach the community of Quesiuno.

The adventure begins with an imposing view of the Apu Ausangate.

After an introduction from our guide, we will start with our walk.

The ascent will be gradual and will last approximately three hours. During the journey we will observe a variety of South American camelids Alpacas, Llamas, birds, lagoons, valleys, streams and snowcapped.

After walking for about nine kilometers, we will finally reach the Seven Colors or Rainbow Mountain.

This place is unique and magical since nature capriciously formed. After enjoying a quiet moment in contact with nature.

We will start our return to the town of Hanchipacha where we will taste our buffet lunch accompanied by a live show. To end the day we will visit the Inca colonial bridge of Checacupe.