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Skylodge Adventure Suites 2 days | Andean Peru Trip Advisors

Skylodge Adventure Suites 2 days


$ 475 / per person

  • Skylodge Adventure Suites
  • Transparent hanging shelter
  • Enjoy Incredible Views
  • Comfortable Capsules

Important: To confirm your reservation, for Company policy We will only charge a percentage of the total price as initial payment. After the initial payment, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions.

The rest will be canceled when you are with us in Cusco.


First day:

Pick up at hotel - Cusco City (2:00 pm).

Arrival in Pachar (15:30 pm).

Security talk - Team delivery (3:30 - 4 pm).

Ascent (according to type of activity chosen Zip Line or Via Ferrata) (16 - 17:30 pm).

Arrival SkyLodge Adventure suites, we receive with maté or coffee (17: 30-18 pm).

Security talk and operation of the lodge (18 - 18:30 pm).

Dinner (20 pm).


Second day:

Breakfast (in suite or platform according to the passengers' choice) (7 am).

Descent (depending on the activity they have chosen) (9 -11: 30 pm).

Pachar-Cusco route (11:30 - 13pm).

Arrival in Cusco City (13 pm).



  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • pants not shorts.
  • hiking shoes or sneakers.
  • A light jacket to wear under a feather jacket.
  • warm clothes (thermal).
  • The coldest months are from June to August.
  • You must bring your personal hygiene items, we do not have a shower.
  • Bring a small and light suitcase and the rest of your luggage can be stored in our offices in Urubamba and we will send them with the car that will transport them the next day.
  • You will need at least 1 liter of water. You can bring your vaccine bottle, we have a bison of purified water in neuters base and you can fill it at the beginning and at the end of the activity. Let's be friendly with the environment, recycle bottles, we provide the water, you provide the bottle.
  • Minimum age 18 years.





At Skylodge Adventure Suites, you can sleep inside a completely transparent hanging shelter, allowing you to appreciate the breathtaking view over this magical valley and its nights adorned by the Milky Way.

Continuing with the philosophy of sharing the mountain experience with the whole world, the division of research and development of Natura Vive; created the MVV (Vertical Housing Modules).

Each module has 4 beds, a dining room and a private bathroom; made of aero-space aluminum and high-strength polycarbonate. The dimension of each module is 7.5 mt. long x 2.60 mt. of height and width.

Once inside the module, the person can remove the harness, since the only way out is through the exit hatch located in the upper part of the module. There are six windows and four ventilation ducts in the module that ensures an adequate atmosphere.

The lighting in each module is entirely ecological, thanks to photo-voltaic panels that allow energy storage in batteries to feed 4 lamps inside the module. In addition to these lamps each bed has a solar book lamp.

Each module has a private bathroom, divided from the rest of the module with the help of a noise-insulating wall. Inside this, you will find a toilet or dry toilet, and a hand washer; taking advantage of a wonderful view through a dome of 1.8 meters in diameter. This cupola has curtains in case you want more privacy with the condors (possible neighbors).

The facilities within each module, allow to provide a service of total comfort and convenience. Beds, pillows, down comforters and sheets of excellent quality will ensure a warm and pleasant night at 400 meters high.

Initially, we have three modules or Suites of Adventure (Luna, Silves and Miranda), which make up the Skylodge of Natura Vive, located on the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. Our current capacity is 12 people per night, since Luna is the service module.

There are two access roads to get to Skylodge; the classic Via Ferrata, passing by the suspension bridge; or the intrepid zipline road and its zip line. Choose the one you like the most!

All these services include roundtrip transportation from the hotel, guides, equipment, gourmet dinner with a bottle of wine and breakfast.