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Amaru Muro (Interdimentional Door)

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Aramu Muru one of the most mystical and energetic places that exists in Lake Titicaca.

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Amaru Muru Tour (Interdimentional Door)

Aramu Muru - Hayu Marca, is one of the most mystical and energetic places that exists in Lake Titicaca, enigmatic altar carved in a single piece of rock over 5 meters, surrounded by a very particular landscape is the point of reference of many mystical visitors.

Our tour to Aramu Muru makes interesting stops along the route; the first stop we do in Chucuito an interesting colonial town that also houses remains of a curious Inca temple called the temple of fertility or "Inca Uyo" in it is found around 20 phalluses sculpted in stone sign having been a dedicated ritual center to fertility.

After this stop we continue to the south to go to the Aramu Muru portal located inside some very curious rock formations (stone forest).

The inhabitants of the place say that it is the entrance to the "Temple of Enlightenment of the Meru Gods" or "Hayu Marca", and they tell strange stories about this door, as some evenings it becomes semi-transparent, revealing an enlightened city.

They also tell that when touching with both hands the inner sides of the frame of the stone door and supporting the head in a crack that is in it, strange sensations can be perceived such as the vision of fire, musical melodies and even the vision of tunnels that cross the mountain.

Although of the hundreds of people who have tried to perceive these phenomena, only a few managed to notice any of the sensations previously described.

The natives consider the place called "Aramu Muru" as a door in itself, and the man as the key, which can pass through it when it enters in harmony with the sun.


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